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  • Zero to Hero new

    If you have zero or little experiences in aviation, then Zero to Hero Training Program is designed for You to become an Airline Pilot. This combination presents a perfect platform for getting great experiences for your future pilot career, because Quality of the training we deliver to our students, is something that we at Aviation Career Center are most proud of. +Stage 1 : Private Pilot [...]
  • Private Pilot License (PPL) hot

    COURSE DESCRIPTION Ground Training Aircraft General Knowledge, Principle of Flight Flight Performance & Planning Human Performance & Limitations Meteorology Navigation & Communications Air Law   Flight  Training    40 Hours Cessna 152 Flying 24 Hours General Handling 8 Hours Cross Country 5 Hours Instruments 1 Hour PPL Flight Test All hours will be flown under the [...]
  • Airline Transport License Theory Phase new

    COURSE DESCRIPTION Ground Training Air Law & Operational Procedures Training Part 1: Air Law Part 2: Operational Procedures Aircraft General Knowledge, Principles of Flight Part 1: Airframe/Systems/Power Plant (45 hours) Part 2: Instruments/Electronics (30 hours) Part 3: Operational Procedures (30 hours) Flight Performance & Planning Part 1: Performance (15 hours) Part 2: Mass & Balance (15 [...]
  • Commercial Pilot License (CPL) new

    COURSE DESCRIPTION Ground Training Air Law Aircraft General Knowledge Instruments Mass & Balance Performance Airplanes Flight Planning & Monitoring Human Performance Meteorology General Navigation Radio Navigation Operational Procedures Principles of Flight Airplanes VFR Communication Flight Training  180 Hours General Handling 60 Hours Cross Country 40 Hours Instrument Flying 5 Hours Night Flying 2.5 hours CPL/IR [...]
  • Multi Engine Rating (MER)

    COURSE DESCRIPTION Eligibility Criteria Private Pilot License (PPL) Or Commercial Pilot License (CPL) 70 hours as Pilot in Command (PIC) At least Class 2 Medical Certificate Ground Training 5 hours of theoretical  training by  a qualified Flight Instructor Flight Training 11 hours of flight training comprising 1. Dual flight instruction 2. Dual flight instruction in [...]